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I am proud to be an American who was born and raised in Clarkston and Stone Mountain, Georgia. I watched my parents who immigrated to the United States work extremely hard my whole life. They didn’t come from wealthy families and emphasized that the only way we could create the opportunity to be successful was through education and hard work.


Due to my upbringing, I am extremely sensitive to the plight of all people and cultures. Growing up, I would hear stories about my great grandfather who was murdered by a hate crime, or my grandfather who fled by jumping roof to roof to escape violence. I acknowledge the inequality and discrimination that exists within our society and I embrace the opportunity to be an agent of change that addresses for which I have been on the front-line for over a decade. I knew from a young age I wanted to serve people as an advocate to make the world a better place. Through the years, I have been on the front-line assisting families and individuals with finding jobs, identifying affordable housing, English tutoring, and navigating their way through complex governmental issues to find solutions to community issues.​


The product of DeKalb County public schools, I attended Emory University where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Human Biology. My quest for global and diverse knowledge as well as wanting to exploring my background, led me to study Arabic and North African Studies in Morocco. After earning my B.S. Degree, I attended Georgia State University where I received a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology with a focus on infectious disease. As a professional, I have studied HIV in Uganda and environmental health in China, to gain knowledge of healthcare systems in other parts of the world. I have functioned as a data analyst for public health research studies, where I traveled to South Africa to assist with an infectious disease study. Today, I value my ability to make a meaningful impact on my skills and research to prevent the spread of infectious diseases that still kill millions worldwide per year.

Throughout my graduate studies and thereafter, I have volunteered at the DeKalb County Board of Health at the refugee and tuberculosis clinics. As a professional, my experience in public health and policy has taught me the importance of public policy and sound leadership who understands the needs of the greater community. Consequently, my desire to impact policy led me to create a business proposal for a social enterprise for refugees and to focus even more on activism in affordable housing, healthcare, and public policy to ensure the best possible outcome for all DeKalb residents.

Today, I am more committed than ever to positive change in my community. As partisan politics rule Washington, I want to see DeKalb focus on the real issues. As your Super District 6 Commissioner, I will use my diverse knowledge, worldview, and passion for community to ensure the best possible outcome for all DeKalb residents. I will fight against social inequalities and I will represent my constituents with dignity, professionalism, pride and the highest moral ethics. I will maintain an open-door policy and I will be present. The day of career politicians has ended. You can count on me to make sure every decision made is putting the people of DeKalb first, I look forward to representing you!


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