Hi, I'm Maryam Ahmad

My name is Maryam Ahmad. I am a first-generation American born and raised in DeKalb County resident. I grew up in Clarkston and Stone Mountain, Georgia and I am the product of the DeKalb County Public School system.


It has always been my desire to work in the medical profession, so the healthcare field was a natural way for me to impact my community. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Human Biology from Emory University. Afterward, I earned my Master's in Public Health with a concentration on Epidemiology.


Throughout the years I have assisted and supported several grassroots organizations in their fight for equality. Additionally, I have sphere-headed several efforts personally to ensure the best possible outcome for my community. I have been at the forefront of legislation and policy, worked extensively with public education, fought to ensure equality for all people and worked to ensure affordable housing and economic development within our communities.


Beyond policy, my care is for humanity and ensuring a decent quality of life for all DeKalb residents. To this end, I am a founding member and current board member of the House of Globalization, which uses creative arts to build awareness and combat human trafficking and domestic violence.


I have worked as a data analyst for public health studies for years to end the spread of infectious and preventable diseases. I strongly believe in the development of universal health care and I am dedicated to seeing a plan materialize that meets the needs of all Americans. Through the years my experience in public health and community has taught me positive changes can be made when you truly put people and their needs first - Look forward to being your advocate as your DeKalb Super District 6 Commissioner.


Representation, Equality, and Integrity for District 6 

As DeKalb District 6 residents we have seen outside influences begin to erode the diversity, hard word, and integrity of our constituents. I would like to work with the community to return to the true values of our district.