Health First, Community First

This is my HEALTH FIRST strategy to improve the district.

A community is only as healthy as its most underprivileged neighborhood. For years the health of a community has been reduced to physical health only, even though we thoroughly understand there are underlying social or communal issues that lead to most preventable health issues. This neglect in turn overburdens public and community health systems and people end up under-serviced.

We intend to stop this cycle and begin building healthy communities from the underlying factors upwards.

By integrating all the determinants for success with community feedback, in real time, we can start to implement changes in policy that demand contributions to forward facing communal development. We will demand changes and investment incentives that build a prosperous future for ALL the citizens of Super District 6!

































Health starts with the family and the family requires a home. For generations our policy makers have focused entirely on the amount of new revenue brought into our district versus improving the individual wellness of each family in our community.


When we neglect working families by allowing speculation to guide our policy we not only derail the futures of our children, but also reduce the overall wellness of the entire community. This puts our essential services at risk and pushes emergency budgets over the edge. As an Epidemiologist I suggest we rethink our communities in a vision that holds each individual family's wellness as a metric of success.  Food security, healthy availability and personal investment are all impacted by what someone has to pay every month to their landlord or bank.

DeKalb is facing a housing crisis as many individuals cannot afford a place to live, despite

working full time. This has increased inequality, particularly for marginalized communities and

threatens hard-working individuals as their tax liability increases. As your Commissioner,

I will aggressively work towards housing alternatives that create a more equitable environment.

Housing is a human right and we must make changes immediately to ensure all DeKalb

residents have the opportunity to participate in the American Dream. 



A healthy community requires opportunity for its citizens to get ahead. This country is designed to benefit those who come and attempt to contribute to the overall wellness of society. They are rewarded for making sacrifices that not only help themselves but also their neighbor. When we focus on community driven economic development and incentivize improving the overall wellness of the community we can realize the vision of both investing in our citizens and growing the wealth and wellness of the entire district.

With 97% of all businesses in America is classified as a small business, growth, and prosperity

of small businesses are essential to moving DeKalb forward. Free financial literacy education for

all ages are important to provide DeKalb residents with tools they need to ensure their financial

growth because financially stable  individuals ensure prosperous communities and an enhanced

quality of life.


The will and the needs of the people of DeKalb should always come first. Including community

members in the decision making processes is important for an equitable and healthy environment. 

Ensuring information flows freely and no citizen is left out is important in all communities. DeKalb

is filled with amazing people who give tirelessly of themselves to ensure the prosperity of their

communities, as your Commissioner I will actively enlist the voices of DeKalb residents and

organizations to help create solutions to government issues, thus creating more transparency

and accountability.

When the community is neglected we all suffer. Even those of us who are blessed with economic, racial, or circumstantial privilege will find our essential services need more resources and more funding than if we had invested in preventative measures. The entire community must be included in every large decision that affects the future of the citizens of Super District 6.


For too long have we have had a system that incentivizes short term gains over long term success.

When you neglect all of the determinants of success you make the community more susceptible to preventable health conditions and more vulnerable to natural disasters. This in turn crippled the economic opportunity of the district.

The health of a population is of utmost importance. DeKalb has been facing increased traffic congestion,

which emits harmful particles into the environment. It is important to expand public transportation to limit

the long-term effects of pollution on people and the surrounding environment. This can also be done

through Identifying more opportunities for clean energy. Supporting public health initiatives is necessary

for the health and prosperity of the residents of DeKalb.