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Updated: Mar 26, 2020


I-285/I-20 East Interchange

At the core of DeKalb communities is infrastructure. Infrastructure is the core of economic development. Currently there are several infrastructure projects that will be critical to the future of DeKalb. DeKalb is in a unique position to grow and move to the forefront with progressive, innovative leaders who understand the community and the potential for guided growth. One of the key players in infrastructure is the Georgia Department of Transportation and the $300 Million 1-285/I-20 East Interchange. As your Commissioner, I will work with key entities across the United States to ensure we build and maintain proper infrastructure for growth throughout DeKalb.

The I-285/I-20 East Interchange project will improve traffic flow and safety at this busy interchange. This critical juncture in DeKalb County requires operational and geometry improvements to address an inefficient flow of traffic and safety performance. The project consists of:

  • Reconstructing ramps

  • Constructing new collector-distributor (CD) lanes

  • Adding auxiliary lanes along I-20 and I-285

  • Replacing the Miller Road, I-20 over Snapfinger Creek, and Fairington Road bridges

In November 2019, the Georgia DOT presented a design concept of the proposed I-285/I-20 East Interchange Project at two (2) Public Information Open Houses (PIOHs). The PIOHs were hosted to offer attendees the opportunity to view the project displays, submit valuable public comments and ask questions of the project team. Over 237 people attended and submitted 91 total comments. An official PIOH Comment Response document was developed to address the comments and can be found here. (

Additional Project Information

  • Constructing new I-20 westbound to I-285 southbound and I-285 southbound to I-20 eastbound ramps Widening the I-20 eastbound to I-285 northbound ramp from one to two lanes

  • Constructing westbound collector-distributor (CD) lanes to Wesley Chapel Road

  • Constructing one westbound auxiliary lane between Lithonia Industrial Boulevard and Wesley Chapel Road

  • Constructing one eastbound auxiliary lane from Panola Road to Lithonia Industrial Boulevard

  • Extending auxiliary lanes on I-285 northbound Extending one auxiliary lane on the I-20 eastbound CD lane to the Wesley Chapel off-ramp

  • Constructing replacement bridges along I-20 to accommodate the new auxiliary and CD lanes

*Collector-distributor (CD) lanes run parallel to the main travel lanes of an interstate or highway, connecting them to access roads or entrance ramps in order to improve traffic flow, speed, and safety.

Project Public Participation

A series of Public Information Open Houses (PIOHs) were held in November 2019. The purpose of the meetings was to provide opportunities for the public to view current plans, ask questions, and provide feedback. More than 230 people attended. View the materials displayed at the PIOHs from the Document Library.

Noise Barriers

Noise barriers will be evaluated as part of this project in accordance with the Georgia DOT noise policy and Federal Highway Administration noise regulations. As the environmental field work and roadway design moves forward, property owners and renters who are eligible for a proposed noise barrier will be notified of the opportunity to participate in noise barrier voting.

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