My Endorsements

Emily Leslie

Former Legislative Coordinator and Human Rights Advocate

Awet Eyasu

Mayor of Clarkston

Mary Lindsey Lewis

District 6 Resident and Educator

Gulbarg Signh Basi

District 6 Resident

Dr. Alawode Oladele

District 6 Resident and Physician

Ayan Ahmed

Brand Strategist and Consultant

Matheus Blasczak

District 6 Resident, Business Owner and Activist

Alicia Stromberg

Environmental Sustainability Program Associate and Community Activist

Fernanda Blanco

District 6 Resident, Asset Manager, and Real Estate Agent

Haroun Shahid Wakil

Social Activist and Founder of Streetgroomers

Vivian Ahaku

Executive Director and Founder of House of Globalization, Human Rights Advocate, and Former DeKalb Board of Health Member

Vincent Olsziewski

Political Consultant

Rozina Gilani

Incubator for Contemporary Art

Mikhail Chaudhury

Public Health Professional Community Activist

Sarah Khan

District 6 Resident and Business Owner

Stephanie Granada

Public Health Specialist

Norman Poux

District 6 Resident, Facility Director and Manager Sharon Lester Tennis Center and Sugar Creek Tennis and Gold Club Member

Laura Hopkins

District 6 Resident, Healthcare Professional and Clarkston City Council Member

Ian Holland

Campaign Manager, Real Estate Investment Consultant, and Owner of Atlanta Alpha Investments

Manhar Valand, B.S., M.S.

Emory Energy Industry

Deborah Johnson